3 Common FAQs About Being a Professional Actor

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3 Common FAQs About Being a Professional Actor

The truth about being in the acting industry

In spite of how amazing the daydream can be, reality can easily kick in when you chase your dream of being an acting professional—only then will you realize that it’s not always about being in premieres and being in the moment. From the moment you decide that acting is your lifelong vocation to the day you receive the paycheck from your first act, it should come as no surprise that you’re in for a challenge when pursuing an acting career. 

At one point, life may be great because you landed a few milestone gigs for various roles. The workload, on the other hand, may suddenly dwindle, and then you find yourself scrambling to pay rent. The reality of chasing your dreams as an acting professional is that you will be brought to the point of breaking, of giving up and throwing in the towel multiple times along your journey. 

If what we just said is enough to make you reconsider your choice, then it’s safe to say this career isn’t for you. If it hasn’t discouraged you, then you’re in luck, because we have a quick guide to help you survive one of the toughest industries in the world. 

Answering three frequently asked questions

With this guide, we’ll be answering three of the more common questions that aspiring actors have on their minds. Let’s go over each question in further detail: 

What are my chances of succeeding and finding a steady job?

Realistically speaking, the odds of succeeding in the longstanding acting industry are slim because 92 percent of acting professionals will experience a work drought sooner or later. This piece of data essentially says that only eight percent of the acting population receives a consistent influx of acting jobs (and paychecks).

Our next two questions tackle topics around how to get into this top eight percent.

Do I need to go to drama school to succeed as an acting professional?

Truth be told, drama school can definitely help with refining your acting skills, but it doesn’t act as a guarantee of finding a successful career. Know that succeeding in the acting industry all boils down to the display of skill that you bring to every opportunity that comes your way.

Will having an agent help with succeeding?

Agents are commonly known as every aspiring performer’s greatest tool in finding success because they play a key role in generating opportunities for their talents to refine their skills and increase their work. It is worth noting, however, that the quality of your agent will have a significant impact on your career. Before settling on an agent, it is essential to ensure that they are able to help you instead of just waiting to make money from the potential commission that comes from each job you land. A reliable agent will not only do their best to book you for proper roles and push you to attend every audition, but they’ll also use every opportunity they come across to help you grow as a professional. 

The acting industry may be tough, but knowing the answers to the right questions (and knowing the right questions to be asking!) will help you make the best decisions for your acting career. 

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