35 Secret Questions – That Produce an Unforgettable Performance!

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35 Secret Questions – That Produce an Unforgettable Performance!

If you want to be a dynamic actor you must answer these questions about you and then about the character you are playing.

When you know your character inside and out – you are free to just “BE”! 

The words of the script are not the truth – but within the word -lies the Truth!

Answer these 35 questions about you, and then answer these questions about the character you are playing.

  1. What is the last name of your character? Where were you born?
  2. What kind of childhood did you have? Be specific.
  3. What were the family lessons you learned when you were young? About success, happiness, love, money, and dreams? What did they teach you?
  4. What is your mother and father’s name? What did they do for a job?    How do you feel about them? Did you feel that they loved you?         
  5. What did you have to do, to be loved, by them? How did you have to act or behave to be loved by them and others?
  6. Where in your life can you PERSONALLY IDENTIFY with the   Event and the Character’s needs? The more personal and meaningful the better! 
  7. Or use AS IF. Can you create the situation and needs out of your own imagination? How are you using your imagination?
  8. Where did you just come from, before the scene started? Where are you going after this? How do you feel when you entered?
  9. What’s your emotional connection (the history) with EVERY WORD YOU ARE SAYING?
  10. Where is the conflict in the scene? Are the OBSTACLES High Enough?

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