A Corona Wake Up Call! 

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A Corona Wake Up Call!

This crisis is reminding us that we are all on this earth TOGETHER. A virus doesn’t discriminate between people, language, cultures, gender or religion. Rich or poor we are all struggling to survive this disease together.
Our human bodies are the vehicles each of us were born in. Some take care of their bodies, and some don’t. 
But we all get just ONE!
How we move through the world does vary – do to your upbringing, society, attitude, and what we consider to be important. But when a crisis comes into our lives, it makes us re-evaluate our life and the choices we have made.
 Crisis will come and go. But we need to learn how to ride out the storm so that we can witness the beautiful rainbow that follows.
Know there is always hope and inspiration around you. But only what you are looking for, will you find.
In a crisis without support and the love of others, you will not succeed. 
Know that you have the ability to save a life through your kindness and caring.
And by saving a life, you also save a family.
You have so much good inside you. This situation gives you an opportunity to give that, and there are many people out there in need of it. 
There are no accidents. Everything that comes into our lives teaches us a lesson. Even this corona-virus can actually help us grow to become a better person. It also forces us to readjust our life. 
True happiness only comes, when you have 2 things. A life of meaning and loving relationships. 
A Crisis makes you realize, that this, is all that really matters.
We are all part of one planet, one race, the HUMAN RACE. 
A Corona Crisis lets us all know that no matter our differences we are all in the same BOAT!
Only by staying together and rowing in the same direction can we survive and thrive!

A crisis creates isolation and loneliness. Today reach out to your loved ones and talk about Something Else. There will be life after this. Make people laugh, laughing is the great comforter and lets them know, we will overcome this.

With love, Bernard and team