"A dream you dream together becomes reality."

About Bernard Hiller

CEO/Artistic Director

Bernardo Hiller was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, lived in Germany, and then moved to New York City. He started his career as an actor, singer, and dancer, touring in Broadway musicals.

Bernard has developed his own revolutionary film acting and success methods, that have taken the artistic and business worlds by storm. Bernard trains some of the top artists in Hollywood and has started the careers of many well-known television and film actors around the world including Cameron Diaz and many others. He coached Jeff Goldblum, Shira Haas, Evan Peters, LL Cool J, Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Dornan, Vanessa Hudgens, Milena Smit,  Suki Waterhouse, Fernando Cayo, A.R. Rahman, Emma Roberts, Lionel Richie, Billy Crystal, Michael Bolton, Emilio Rivera, and Chace Crawford - to name only a few.

His unique techniques have been featured on television shows and in magazines all over the world. He is honored to have the support of his work from Samuel L Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Deepak Chopra, and many others. Bernard has written for The Huffington Post, Positively Positive and UK-The Daily Mail on how to succeed in Hollywood and Life. In the last few years, he has also been interviewed about who was going to win an Academy Awards. He has also been a jury member at many film festivals around the world.

Bernard also coaches on movie sets and repeatedly gives his sold-out acting Masterclasses all over the world. He has taught in over 26 countries to date. Al Pacino, Peter Farrelly, Bruce Dern, and Bryan Cranston - amongst many others - have spoken at his Masterclasses. Bernard has also trained performers and opera singers in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Venice. Bernard held a special workshop, in Tel Aviv, at the Shimon Peres Peace Center for Palestinians and Israelis.

Bernard works with C.E.O.s and Fortune 500 companies around the globe. CLICK HERE for more. His Dynamic Public Speaking techniques teach people how to discover their star quality inside themselves and become transformational communicators. Companies that have worked with his “behavior transformation” methods have seen unprecedented results.

Bernard's NEW book, "The Revolutionary Guide To Acting", distributed by Penguin Random House, is available NOW! CLICK HERE!!

"STOP ACTING - START LIVING" is available on Audible.

Bernard believes that man’s greatest gift is creativity, and when we use it in a positive way – that changes the world! Kindness and sharing our true selves must be what we strive for.

Bernard is also an accomplished screenwriter and is currently Producing several film projects.

About Sandra Desousa


Sandra DeSousa started her 15-year theatrical career in London, England. She trained at many prestigious schools including Central School of Speech and Drama, The Actor’s Temple – under Sandy Meisner’s protégé Tom Radcliffe and The Poor School. After several years of touring with a Repertory Company and upon winning an International acting competition, she fortuitously met Bernard Hiller over 8 years ago. This meeting proved to be very influential as she became one of the founding members of The London Masterclass and began working with Bernard and employing his techniques in her own career which led to further roles in British TV shows and US features. Sandra also started coaching actors in London and Los Angeles. She has relocated to L.A. to pursue her acting goals, continue writing, and practice as a holistic health adviser. Sandra teaches the Introductory Course at the Bernard Hiller Studio.

About Dustin Kerls


Dustin Kerls started his acting career in the Theatre, at the age of 5, and transitioned over to Film and Television at 18. After several years of working on the Colorado circuit – and finishing college, Dustin moved to LA to continue with his acting career. It was there when he met Bernard, in 2004. He realized how beneficial and necessary Bernard’s technique was, not only in his acting but for his life. Over the last 16 years, Dustin continues to articulate Bernard’s work, as his assistant and audition coach.

Guest Instructor

Adrian Gaeta is a professional actor and writer. His films have appeared at numerous film festivals such as Cannes, LA International, IFC Films, SOHO International and have been in competition for the David Donatello Award. Adrian helps teach Bernard Hiller's Masterclasses and does coaching for top industry professionals. He trained at the University of Washington, where he received a full acting scholarship. His expertise as a working actor and writer provides invaluable knowledge to students attending Bernard's master workshops.