AUG 27 - SEPT 1, 2024

Join us for an unforgettable
5 Days Of Transformation!

"The only way to grow as an artist is to have a transformational experience.
When you invest in yourself - people will invest in you!"

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Professional Actors Program
AUG 27 - SEPT 1, 2024

From the heart of Hollywood, here's your chance to work with the amazing transformational coach, Bernard Hiller.
This is a career-changing experience. Learn revolutionary acting methods and techniques that will teach you how to succeed in this industry!
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This event is by invitation only,
and an interview process is required.
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Hollywood #1 International acting, and success trainer. Bernard gives his sought after and transformational masterclasses, workshops, and seminars in over 26 countries.  His unique revolutionary methods have helped Actors, Performers, and CEOs produce unprecedented results. His artists appear in projects around the world.


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Anthony E

"With the guidance of Bernie and his talented team you will purge the dark shadows of your past and rebuild your ambitions to pursue a collective dream of higher consciousness and the pursuit of your wildest dreams."

Anthony E.

Los Angeles Acting Classes

With a multitude of acting schools in Los Angeles, finding the one that is right for you can be quite an overwhelming process. Mastering your craft and reaching your dreams of being a working actor in Los Angeles is an exciting adventure, but it is important to find the right acting school that can get you from where you are to where you want to be—which is why attending acting classes can be so beneficial. As one of the top acting schools in the Los Angeles area, we are here to give you all the information you need to know about finding and attending an LA acting school as well as becoming a working actor in the field. Wherever you are at in the journey of your acting career, our extensive experience and class offerings ensure that you can find what you need to succeed at Bernard Hiller Acting & Success Studio.

Best Acting Classes in Los Angeles

You must study with the best to be the best. The best acting classes are the ones that deal in three different areas.

1- You are a human being.

2- Your technical acting skills.

3- Learning how to succeed in this complicated industry.

Any class that doesn't deal with all three areas puts you at a great disadvantage to others pursuing this field. There's no reason to study unless you are ready to become the actor you must be to succeed. You must also study how to promote yourself in this business, otherwise, your chances of succeeding decrease greatly.

Top Los Angeles Acting School

As a top Los Angeles Acting School, we take pride in providing our students with the best education possible to set them up for a successful, long-term acting career. By creating a sense of community within our classes and giving students a toolbox of acting techniques to draw upon at every audition and taping, we ensure that all of our graduates are equipped to go out into the world of Los Angeles acting auditions and callbacks with confidence and expertise.

Our Acting Techniques

We believe that creativity is humanity’s greatest gift, which is why our founder, Bernard Hiller, created a unique and proven acting method to equip students with the tools they need to capitalize on that gift. Bernard has trained some of the biggest names in Hollywood and coached on major film sets throughout his career, and through the Bernard Hiller Acting & Success Studio, he and our other experienced teachers are able to pass this extensive knowledge and expertise down to every student in our classes.

Career Opportunities for Actors

There are plenty of career opportunities for trained actors in Los Angeles, and our alumni have gone on to do some pretty amazing things! Some of the career opportunities for actors include:


Film Acting: From major motion pictures to short films and smaller projects, there are plenty of film roles that become available to actors who have developed the right skills. With the rise of digital media, student films and independent films have become a lucrative career choice, alongside the traditional film opportunities via major production companies.

TV Acting: With the rise of reality TV, instant streaming, and docu-series, there are more options for TV actors than ever before. Whether you are hoping to get cast on a traditional, long-running sitcom or aiming to be a star in the next Netflix original show, an solid acting education is a great way to get yourself there.


Theater Acting: If live entertainment is more your style, the world of theater acting might be for you. Both on and off-Broadway, there are ample opportunities for theatrical live roles, whether you hope to sing, dance, or just act your heart out on the stage in front of a live audience.


Voiceover Acting: Voiceover acting is a rather lucrative niche of the acting world, and while many people do this as a supplemental gig, it can be a great choice for a career path as well. From commercials and animated shorts to full-length movies, there are plenty of opportunities for those who choose to act with their voice.


Commercial Acting: Many actors use commercials as a stepping stone to get their foot in the door, while others build a successful, long-term career out of appearing in advertisements. No matter how you choose to pursue commercial acting, it can be a great way to exercise your acting skills and try new products, too!

Acting Workshops LA

We are proud to offer acting masterclasses as well as group classes in London, Los Angeles, and Rome. From experience workshops to one-on-one coaching to group sessions, we have classes for actors at every level looking to hone in on their craft. Not only are these acting workshops a fantastic way to gain a sense of community with other actors and further develop your skills, but they also provide the opportunity to meet agents, casting directors, producers, and other industry professionals in our network.

By building up our students’ networks and giving them the proper techniques, we enable every person in our classes to build up their actor’s toolbox with a variety of information and resources to draw upon during each audition. In our classes, students will learn how to:


- Discover their true authenticity through the actor’s journey

- Learn how to give a performance that is unforgettable, every single time

- Tap into their emotions in a variety of scenarios to create a powerful display

- Become an actor that can adapt to the future of films

- Create their own opportunities for success

- Overcome roadblocks and personal fears to forge a successful, lasting acting career

Group Acting Classes Los Angeles

Our group acting class provides an educational and welcoming environment where actors of all skill levels can come together and learn as a group. From our weekly group workshops to our multi-day masterclasses, our group classes are an immersive and informative experience that are not to be missed for any aspiring actors in LA! Group classes provide a fantastic way to learn alongside peers and build your network in the process, which will serve you both now and in the future as you develop your career further.

Online Acting Classes LA

With the rise of video conferencing technologies, online acting classes have become far more accessible and interactive than ever before. Our online acting classes allow us to bring in even more experts and industry professionals to share their wisdom with our students, and make it easier than ever to gain the acting education you are seeking right from the comfort of your home—no Los Angeles traffic jams required!


If you’ve always wanted to learn how to act, then now is your chance! With our online acting classes, we can bring in even more experts and industry professionals from all over the world so that everyone has access to a high-quality education on how to act—no matter where they live! Whether it’s New York City or Los Angeles, there is no excuse not take advantage of this incredible opportunity right now. Actors everywhere deserve access to these kinds of resources—and we know that if anyone deserves them, it’s you! So sign up today for one of our amazing online acting courses and start learning about what it takes become a successful actor or actress right away!

Acting Masterclass

Our acting masterclasses provide a transformational and career-changing experience for the students who attend them. In our masterclasses, you will learn revolutionary acting methods and techniques designed to teach you everything there is to know about how to succeed in the industry.

Private Acting Lessons

For those looking for specialized feedback and one-on-one skill-building, our private acting lessons are a great resource. From career guidance to personalized coaching, private lessons are a fantastic way to hone in on what may be holding you back so you can conquer it and build your career.


We are proud of our connections with top actors and celebrities in the industry which gives us the unique ability to expose our students to a variety of perspectives direct from Hollywood professionals. In fact, we have had over 60 Academy Award winners and nominees speak to our students throughout the years. Celebrities such as Andy Serkis, Joe Cortez, Jeremy Irons, David Oyewolo, Emilio Rivera, and more have come to talk directly with our students in order to share their personal stories and secrets to success. We have also had the opportunity to teach many up-and-comers who go on to achieve extensive acclaim, who then come back to reinvest in the school that gave them their start. 

Acting FAQs

How do you become an actor in Los Angeles?

Whether you are just starting your acting journey or are working your way through your career, this is a question we get asked a lot—and for good reason. Becoming an actor in Los Angeles is a dream that many people share, and we’re here to tell you that it is possible! When you decide to pursue your dream of becoming an LA actor, it is important to start taking action quickly. Enroll yourself in acting classes, begin building your network, and find a community of like-minded students and teachers that will help support you on your journey. Investing in yourself, in your craft, and in your career, will put you on the right path to success so you can become a real, working actor in Los Angeles.

Do you have to move to LA to become actor?

While Los Angeles is the main place that people move to become actors, it is not the only option for those interested in pursuing the career. We also teach classes in London and Rome, and there are plenty of opportunities for aspiring actors in these major creative hubs as well!

Is it hard to become an actor in LA?

If it was simple, we think everyone would do it! While becoming an actor in LA is not the easiest career path, if you are willing to put in the time, the work, and the dedication to make your dream a reality, it is definitely something you can succeed at. Becoming an actor may seem like a confusing career path, but really, it is similar to anything else—if you invest in yourself, spend the time to learn the necessary skills, and put in the work required to succeed, you can achieve your acting dreams in Los Angeles like thousands of others have in the past.

Can you take acting classes online?

Absolutely! We think that online acting classes are a great way to expand your skillset and improve your knowledge in a way that’s easier to fit into a busy schedule. Our online classes are immersive, interactive, and provide just as many tools for community building as our in-person classes do—all from the comfort of your own home! 

Do you offer private coaching?

Yes, we do. If you are looking for one-on-one time with an acting teacher please contact us and we can set up lessons that cover scene study, audition technique, vocal technique, improv, script analysis, character development, creating a demo reel, the entertainment industry in general, and any other areas you would like to focus on. We can create a customized plan to help you improve your acting skill.

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