/ Beyond Success

Questions have great power, creative power and by asking these  questions you will force yourself to profound answers. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and repeatedly ask yourself the question out loud or in your head. Then start writing what comes to mind.

With certain answers you might experience sadness or regret, but you will also experience freedom and power.

  1. When I look into the future are my actions guided by love or fear? Actions of love moves your life forward, actions of fear moves you back into your past.
  1. How can I add more value and positive energy to others? This will connect you to the right people. This will make you be remembered.
  1. What has my heart and intuition been telling me that I’ve been ignoring? Instincts are the “miracle” that take you where you want to go. Without miracles in your life, you will not have great success.
  1. How can I bring more empathy, love and joy to myself and the world? That is your mission in life.
  1. If I were 90 years old and I was going to give three pieces of advice to my younger self, what would that be?  Listen to those answers.
  1. Do I have someone in my life to say “I love you” to? People that are connected to others live longer.
  1. Do I love myself as much as I expect others to love me? What actions can I take right now that show that I’m willing to invest in myself.
  1. Am I asking for enough help? Powerful people always ask for help!