/ Dynamic Acting

This is not what one usually hears when choosing a life in show business. Most people get a negative reaction from their friends and family when they tell them that they are going into the arts. “They are told that being an actor, singer, dancer or musician is not a proper job.” In all honesty, artists are crucial to the quality of our lives. One of the reasons the world is not in such a good place right now is because we are missing great inspirational artists.

Now, don’t get me wrong we have some great artists, it’s just that we need a lot more. Maybe that’s where you come in!  We need actors who illuminate the truth about life through their performances, dancers who can show us how a body can move and express itself, singers and musicians who bring joy and a deeper understanding of life through music and song. Music is the number one universal connector, it brings people together.

Great artists can show us how to express our feelings and be emotional. They teach us that being our authentic self and following our instincts, is truly what life is all about.

We desperately need comedians to bring more humor to the world. We need unique writers and film makers to show us other cultures, different ways of living, and an understanding our own diverse and complex problems.

We’re living in a time of big political and social media change which brings a lot of uncertainty and loneliness into our lives. Artists shine a light on our common fears and human needs. They teach us that we are all basically the same. We look and behave differently but we all want the same things in life. We come from different cultures and colors, but together we create a great and beautiful rainbow.

I believe that being artists is the most important job for society. They are the mirror to our lives and doctors to our soul. If you have chosen to be in any area of the performing arts, I want to congratulate you. The world and I thank you for being a soldier of light into a world of darkness.