"Success is attracted by the person you BECOME"

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The Importance of Training as an Actor As an actor, consistency is a concept that will guide you in the right direction if you decide to fixate on the right aspects of your career that are essential for success.  From consistency in roles to casting calls, it will always be a good sign that you’re


YOUR VOICE DETERMINES YOUR LIFE! When a baby is born, everyone waits to hear the voice that announces the child’s arrival. They make a very loud sound when they cry, which signifies that they are tired, hungry, or in pain. They are trying to communicate with all the noises they can make. We are unique in

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DYNAMIC SPEAKING AND 9 POWERFUL SPEAKING EXERCISES Powerful, Effective, and Dynamic speaking, is a skill and an art that must be learned, developed, and practiced daily if you want to achieve greater success. There are a number of tools and techniques that you will need to employ to enhance your communication skills and with time

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Famous Actors Who Were Rejected By Acting Schools

Famous Actors Who Were Rejected By Acting Schools There’s an understanding that to become successful as an actor you must go to acting school. Well, that is absolutely not true. We have many actors who were rejected over and over again by some of the finest acting schools In London. George MacKay star of the

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Shower The World With Gratitude Today!

SHOWER THE WORLD WITH GRATITUDE TODAY! Especially This Year – Find Thanksgiving! For those of us celebrating Thanksgiving, know what a wonderful holiday it can be. Being human in 2020 has been – well, devastating. However, goodness, kindness, and love are still there. Giving thanks helps us to recognize and appreciate all the good things

Now, You Must “WOW” Us To Work in Acting! There’s one thing that’s changed since I started in Showbusiness.  Now the audiences, agents, producers, casting directors, and the industry in general, are not satisfied with seeing a great or excellent performance. No, now when they meet and see you perform, act, sing, or dance, they

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Online Acting Classes – 7 Tips to Ensure Success ONLINE ACTING CLASSES ARE MORE POWERFUL! It’s a whole new world. When I started t0 give my acting classes online, I wasn’t sure how beneficial or successful it would be. It turns out that doing classes online has made the actors pay more attention to my

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What You Need To Create an Unforgettable Performance “The Better The Technique, The Better The Actor.” Find An Emotional Objective! The reason a scene starts is because you have two strong needs that have to be satisfied, NOW, by the other person. The other person, in the scene, is very important to you in some

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35 Secret Questions – That Produce an Unforgettable Performance! If you want to be a dynamic actor you must answer these questions about you and then about the character you are playing. When you know your character inside and out – you are free to just “BE”!  The words of the script are not the


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