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The skill and legacy of an actor can be defined by numerous experiences, including key roles, acting classes, mentors, coaches, and accolades in the industry. But in the end, when the success of an actor or actress is gauged, most people look to the key roles that they have played throughout their careers.  When thinking

Who’s going to win the Oscars? 2 Hollywood Insiders tell you!

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LA Acting Masterclass

As a budding actor, you know the importance of taking the right steps to move your career towards success. One of the major steps may involve moving to Los Angeles. After all, where better to take a shot at making it big in the industry? The City of Angels is the budding actor’s land of

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After spending the last two or so years in acting school, your period of learning is finally coming to an end. Every acting class that you’ve taken has allowed you to develop your skills, make a ton of friends and connections, and you are now ready for graduation, which is right around the corner—then what?

How To Find The Right Acting Class and Teacher

THE RIGHT ACTING TEACHER AND CLASS, DETERMINES YOUR CAREER! Having butterflies when going to your first acting school is normal. It feels a lot like going to your first day of preschool or high school, where uncertainty awaits, and you can’t help but hope for the very best. Picking out an acting class can be

  “Be an interesting actor – hell, be an interesting human being – to be authentic you must embrace who you really are, warts and all. Do you have any idea how liberating it is to not care what people think about you? Well, that’s what we’re here to do, not care.” Sanford Meisner

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What is an Acting Coach? An acting coach is someone who teaches and inspires a promising actor or actress with acting tips and offers guidance and support throughout the audition process, casting, and beyond. Using their seasoned skills and expertise, the coach will help build an actor’s or actress’s confidence and lead them to the

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Have you ever wondered: what was I born to do? What are my gifts or talents? What should I do next in life? Where do I need to go or speak to develop my skills? Well, here is the answer. To locate your purpose and discover your path for your success, you must first find the “TREASURE MAP.”

Before we get to the 6 things you should start doing, let’s name first the important things you should STOP doing.   STOP asking people to give you what you wouldn’t give yourself. You want people to love and believe in you? Well, you must do that first! STOP wanting people to understand you. Dreams don’t need to be understood by others. The truth needs


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