"Success is attracted by the person you BECOME"

LIFE HAS NO MEANING!   Life has absolutely no meaning unless you make it meaningful. How meaningful is your life? Well…that’s up to you. You must know that you are the creator of everything you have or don’t have in your life right now.  To have an amazing life, you must take lots of risks, connect with others, love,

Sometimes, we must keep reminding ourselves that we are all on this earth together. We are all learning, struggling and suffering in different ways. We all have different circumstances and obstacles we need to overcome.  Our human bodies are the vehicles in which we all move through this world. Some people take care of their bodies; some don’t.  How

Your Imperfection Is Perfection!

Perfection is the voice of our oppressor. People who told us as we grew up, that if we were not perfect – we would not be wanted or loved.  Life brings amazing surprises, once you let go of your need for Perfection.  Perfectionism lives in a feeling that you are never good enough, and when


Do you want to accomplish more? Do you want to live a happier, more productive and meaningful life? Now, I often speak about the importance of saying “YES”, but you also have to know when to say NO!  People who are not excited about the quality of their lives have not said “no” enough. Like… NO – to people who are getting you involved

Human Needs

The reason the majority of people never fulfill their dreams or goals is that their basic human needs are not being met. What does that mean? Your body and soul are constantly trying to fulfill these visceral needs consciously or subconsciously. What are they?  1. Food And WaterYour body is always in survival mode, constantly

Love the life you have

It’s true. Until you love the life you have, you will never get the life you really want. Most of the people I work with, always complain about their current circumstances. But remember, lack only gets more lack. Come from abundance and watch your life truly change. Bring love and understanding to your current problems, situations or relationships

Yes, being on the road to your success is great, but only if you are making great progress! Now, if you are not moving quickly enough – you will be run over by others who are hungrier than you.  I believe that we are all born with something powerful that resonates within our hearts that needs to be expressed. I know, that If you pursue your gift passionately, the

Did you know that opportunities don’t knock? They whisper! To be in touch with your opportunities you need to have a quiet mind and a sensitive soul. Only by eliminating anger, negativity and sadness will you be able to connect with your opportunities. Otherwise, you will miss them. “The most expensive thing in life is a missed opportunity.”

Did you know that you are enrolled in a full-time school called “Life”? It’s true. Each day you are required to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or hate them, but they are part of your curriculum. Humans have always sought to discover the meaning of their lives. The meaning of life is of course different for every individual.


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