"Success is attracted by the person you BECOME"

Love the life you have

It’s true. Until you love the life you have, you will never get the life you really want. Most of the people I work with, always complain about their current circumstances. But remember, lack only gets more lack. Come from abundance and watch your life truly change. Bring love and understanding to your current problems, situations or relationships

Yes, being on the road to your success is great, but only if you are making great progress! Now, if you are not moving quickly enough – you will be run over by others who are hungrier than you.  I believe that we are all born with something powerful that resonates within our hearts that needs to be expressed. I know, that If you pursue your gift passionately, the

Did you know that opportunities don’t knock? They whisper! To be in touch with your opportunities you need to have a quiet mind and a sensitive soul. Only by eliminating anger, negativity and sadness will you be able to connect with your opportunities. Otherwise, you will miss them. “The most expensive thing in life is a missed opportunity.”

Did you know that you are enrolled in a full-time school called “Life”? It’s true. Each day you are required to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or hate them, but they are part of your curriculum. Humans have always sought to discover the meaning of their lives. The meaning of life is of course different for every individual.

This is not what one usually hears when choosing a life in show business. Most people get a negative reaction from their friends and family when they tell them that they are going into the arts. “They are told that being an actor, singer, dancer or musician is not a proper job.” In all honesty, artists are crucial to the quality of our lives. One of the reasons the world

It’s easy to feel worried, distressed and anxious about the future, when you don’t have a clear direction of where you are going. You believe that your life will continue to unfold with the same old pattern and that nothings going to change. When you live in your limited mind, you believe that you are your “current circumstances.” But the truth is, you are never your

Art exists as a way to know ourselves. Sometimes we feel alone, trapped in our own minds. There is a need in all human beings to ease this loneliness by creating bonds with other people by sharing our life experiences and beliefs. One of the ways we come together is through the performing arts. We realize that, despite physical appearances, we are all -fundamentally

In life you attract not what you want, but who you are! Are you attracting the right opportunities? The right people?  To reach your goals or dreams, one of the things you must do is invest in yourself. You will need lessons. Lots and lots of lessons with teachers who are the best in their field. “You are what you study and who you study with.”

We live in a digitized world, severed from human contact. Every morning people wake up, and the first thing they do is check their phones, not their loved ones. The sad part is, that we know more about our “facebook friends” activities than our real friends and family. We spend too much time staring at our screens. No wonder we are now more


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