How To Find The Right Acting Class and Teacher

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How To Find The Right Acting Class and Teacher


Having butterflies when going to your first acting school is normal. It feels a lot like going to your first day of preschool or high school, where uncertainty awaits, and you can’t help but hope for the very best.

Picking out an acting class can be is a nerve-wracking experience that all actors face on their journey of becoming the ultimate professional. Of course, nobody ever wants to settle for a sub-par acting class as they seek to deepen and train their skills, to be able to jump-start or advance their careers to a higher level. But the real problem is, you don’t really know what kind of class you are looking for. What would be the best class for me right now?

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Acting Class

Choosing an acting class is the most important step because the better the teacher the better your acting will be.  But if find someone who will also be your mentor, that is a career-changing moment. Look for an acting coach and a mentor to teach you how to succeed in this business. Successful actors always talk about how their coach helped them succeed. Otherwise, you have a lot of talent and nowhere to show it.

How Can You Make An Acting Class Truly Work For You?

If you’ve already found a fantastic acting class that is cultivating and pushing you to discover more of your talent, then congratulations! However, even at this point, the struggle never stops. Acting classes, unbeknownst to most professionals, are a two-way street. You must work only for someone who also connects with you. Someone you trust and believe in. Training is good, but only if you are wide open to receive the information.

There are many wonderful teachers out there, but I feel that there are only 10 great acting teachers that can take you beyond your wildest artistic dreams. Your job is to find one of those teachers.

Are You Ready To Become The Actor Of The Future?

Being able to make the most out of your acting class means that you are dedicated, motivated and open-minded to learn the art of acting for what it must be, for you to be the actor of the future. Acting is constantly changing, but most schools and teachers never change their methods. Then you will become the actor of the past.

How To Prepare Yourself For Your First Acting Class

Once you have found the right acting class for you, then you need to make sure you come well prepared. Read everything you can about your teacher. Watch all the videos you can see, so you get a feeling and understanding where he or she is coming from. It is this combination that will cultivate you into being a well-rounded and highly skilled professional that will succeed in this industry. Before you head over to your first acting class, here are a few tips to come as prepared as possible during each session:

1. Come in Positive.

One of the most significant barriers preventing actors from making the most out of their first acting class is themselves—specifically how they can consistently dwell on the worst possible outcomes or are in their negative minds. Having a few self-doubts and apprehensions towards walking into your first session is understandable, but overthinking will make you fail.

It is essential to understand that an acting class is a stepping stone that helps refine and evolve your craft. It allows you to cultivate valuable skills while finding a higher level of self-confidence. Acting classes must never be a platform for people to laugh at you. Most actors credit their acting class and their teacher for providing them the support and guidance they needed to commit themselves to the process entirely.

2. Be open to trying new things

Further enhancing your skills as an actor entails being open to new experiences and opportunities to learn. Acting classes are full of them.

At one point during your sessions, you might find yourself a tad bit more nervous than you’d expect yourself to be because you’ll be required to do something unfamiliar, but that’s just part of the process. As scary as going into your first acting class may be, it’s best to come with an open mind and a willingness to try new things. Expect that you will have to get out of your comfort zone as part of the learning process.

3. If you can have a private session with your teacher beforehand

Being able to meet and work with your teacher or mentor is a great way to ease the first-day jitters.

The best time to set up a meeting would be before your start date, as it will give you enough time to familiarize yourself with who you’ll be working with. Additionally, meeting your acting class teacher can also help them understand your needs and capabilities much better. That allows the teacher to plan accordingly.

Best Investment EVER!

Going to an acting class for the first time is, undeniably, a thrilling experience for anyone that wishes to pursue their passion for the performing arts or become the best version of themselves. But the greatest investment you can ever make is to invest in YOURSELF. Keep training (with the right teachers) and you will reach your goal.

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