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Millions of people are working from their homes. Schools are closed, large gatherings prohibited and grocery store shelves are empty. And there are some people not taking coronavirus seriously at all. With so many sources of stress and anxiety coming your way, this is too much to cope with. It’s normal to feel extremely overwhelmed when something this global is impacting every part of your life.

Remember keep finding your center.
For in the eye of the storm, things are calm.” 

In this article, I’ve also included the best advice from some of the leading psychiatrists in the field of stress and anxiety management. Fear and uncertainty is always the common response for people who don’t understand what is going on. We feel this threatens our safety and the safety of our loved ones. But don’t give into fear!

This event is impacting everyone around the globe. But this is also a growing moment. An opportunity to bring your family together, and to bring yourself together by realigning your priorities.

Pandemics makes one feel unsafe and resulting with social isolation.

Here are 3 things you can do to survive and thrive during this crisis:

1. Stop watching the news all the time.

There’s a fine line between staying informed and drowning in media panic overdrive.

The more news I watch, the more stressed I become, so please find the off button.

Health officials even say, “give yourself a break.”

Also what you read on social media is often sensationalized to keep you on their site, or just simply false.

So check with the CDC and the World Health Organization to find out what’s really happening.

2. Look out for others

Life feels out of control right now, so it’s important for you to focus on the things that are within your control, helping to keep your loved ones safe, is something you can do. You could also reach out to an elderly neighbor who may need some groceries.

During crises some people isolate themselves for personal safety. Ok, that’s good! But, it DOESN’T MEAN you shouldn’t call or facetime your friends, co-workers and family. You must stay connected.

Remember after this situation passes. I want you to proud of how you behaved during these trying times. It’s really a test of your humanity.

When you call – please don’t be upset or yell at them. They need your support not for you to increase their stress levels. It’s important that you provide your loved ones some relief. So, talk about other things. Life will eventually get back to normal. Make them laugh, laughter is a great comforter. Let them know we are all in on this together. Stay connected!

3. Become mindful.

Not knowing what the future holds is one of the main reasons why people feel so anxious, so you must now focus on surrendering to the PRESENT. Yes, the Present.

A way to do that is to use meditation techniques or breathing exercises.

After you calm your mind, make a list of all the things to be grateful for.

You have your health, the sun is still shining, you have food, and so much more.

Focus on all the good things that you have in your life right now.

Fear only exists when you can’t live in the grace and beauty of the present.

Surrender and you will find the powerful meaning of these moments.

The whole world is stopping and reassessing itself and that’s good.

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One thing is for sure, this crisis will pass. But it’s important that you monitor how you act during this pandemic.
Reading about how people behaved during the pandemic of 1918, it was sad to know that people turned against each other.

They totally disconnected from their neighbors and friends. But, they felt ashamed of how they behaved afterwards.

Don’t be like them.

During these difficult times, show your kindness, compassion and think how you can help and support one another.

You will feel better about yourself once it’s over.

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With love and passion, Bernard