/ Beyond Success

In life you attract not what you want, but who you are! Are you attracting the right opportunities? The right people?  To reach your goals or dreams, one of the things you must do is invest in yourself.

You will need lessons. Lots and lots of lessons with teachers who are the best in their field. “You are what you study and who you study with.” Only the right training keeps you ahead of your competition.

It’s been said that to be a professional in ANYTHING, it requires a minimum of 10,000 hours of study. You must know that no one will invest in you until you invest in yourself. And no one will believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself first!

Investments do not only come in forms of money, but it will always take your energy, time, heart and soul for it to succeed. There is no age limit to becoming the person you where born to be. But, you can’t wait forever either!

You need to make sure that you are taking care of yourself by eating right, exercising and meeting other like minded people – like you. You will need their help and encouragement to achieve anything meaningful. It is crucial that you also take care of your mental well being, by not only being committed but by having fun and laughing a lot. This attitude will give you the energy to overcome the blocks and fears that will come along the way.  

You must also seek to learn the latest success techniques. They are powerful tools you will need to achieve anything great!

Try something revolutionary today. Choose to be happy. Yes, happiness is a choice. Happy people are not so held up by their past. Happy people believe in their future!  They will find a way to break through this world’s negativity and limitation.  

Lastly, invest in finding a mentor. This is a step most people never achieve. Finding a mentor truly transformed my life. A person that brings out the brilliance in you. When you invest in yourself artistically, financially and emotionally, you will become a magnet for others who will want to meet you, to see what you have to offer. Also know that when you become the person you where born to be – you bring more love, joy and kindness to yourself and others.