Want to live your truly authentic life? Stop living in your past, learn how to overcome your blocks and fears, and connect to your inner gifts and talents. Discover the courage to live your true adventure! Bernard's revolutionary methods will bring new-found joy, purpose, meaning, clarity, and confidence into your life like never before. His techniques will rock your world!

Bernard Hiller, given the title of Transformational Wizard, is a leader in the field of dynamic presentation and communication. For the past 30 years, his revolutionary techniques have him working with top CEOs, sports champions, politicians, business leaders, and entrepreneurs across the globe. His methods have produced unprecedented results! His mission continues to be to transform leaders, by helping them discover their own hidden talents.

Break free from your limited belief system, and live the life you always wanted. "This will be an enlightening experience."

This Life Coaching program will help you discover how to become the person you were always meant to be. You will learn how to:

  • Connect to your personal power, and find out what’s really stopping you from going to your next level.
  • Create a new understanding of money, success, and happiness. 
  • Use your instincts and creativity to grow beyond your own expectations.
  • Learn a unique method that stops all negative thinking and behavior. 

To be successful, you must be willing to expose your authentic self. What makes you vulnerable makes you stronger. Learn how to get out of your head and into your heart! Learn how to be unstoppable and communicate your needs and wants in effective ways.

"When you invest in yourself, others will invest in you."


"His sessions were absolutely mindblowing!" "Entertaining & Profound!"
"Fantastic - Outstanding - Transforming"



Lindsay Lohan
"I don’t really see Bernard as just a coach. He’s more of an advisor of skill and a mentor.
He helps you see what’s not written on the page and bring those aspects of the character to life."

The Parent Trap / Mean Girls

Transform Your Success With Life Coaching Services With Bernard Hiller

It is easy to get stuck in life or to become trapped in limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving your deepest goals and desires. This can happen to anyone, including those who have already achieved a level of success in their personal and professional lives.

Working with Bernard Hiller through his life coaching program is a revolutionary way to move through these blocks and obstacles. Through coaching, you will harness your natural abilities, talents, and understanding to become the person you are destined to be.

Online Life Coaching Services

Located in Los Angeles, CA, Bernard Hiller works with clients across the globe to provide groundbreaking insights, transformation, and changes that create long-lasting results.

His life coaching services are customized to each person, helping leaders, sports figures, entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, and top CEOs discover their unique talents through his life coaching services. Choosing lifestyle coaching is a way to overcome doubts and fears and move forward on your own terms, creating the life you have always wanted to live.

During life coaching sessions, you will explore how to tap into your intuition and move from just thinking about life to living your life. You will develop a personal understanding of what happiness, success, and prosperity mean to you and how to bring your vision into being by using his unique method of personal transformation.

Working with a Certified Life Coach

A life coach certification ensures a level of professional services for both personal life coaching and life coaching workshops. Both experiences will create meaningful and profound transformations that springboard your career and success.

Investing in yourself through life coaching with Bernard Hiller is an experience like no other. You will get to know yourself better, identify and utilize your power, and learn how to step into the authentic and creative you for a life beyond the wildly exceeds your current expectations.


Hollywood's #1 International acting and success trainer. Bernard gives his sought
after masterclasses, workshops, and seminars in over 26 countries.  His unique
transformational methods have helped Actors, Performers, and CEOs produce
unprecedented results.

“Live The Life You Were Born For!”

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