Online Acting Classes – 7 Tips to Ensure Success

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woman taking an online acting class

Online Acting Classes – 7 Tips to Ensure Success


It’s a whole new world. When I started t0 give my acting classes online, I wasn’t sure how beneficial or successful it would be.

It turns out that doing classes online has made the actors pay more attention to my techniques and methods. It’s true.

You see being on Zoom has made the actors have to focus a lot more. Concentration and comprehension have gone way up and therefore the online classes have been even more transformational. 

Now anyone can be part of this special event by joining us from anywhere in the world. Online studying and training is the future. The personal growth the actors have experienced has been a phenomenon. For the first time, from their homes, actors are given a chance to meet the top Hollywood Agents, Managers and Oscar-Winning Producers and Directors, notably our amazing April Webster, Casting Director of “Star Wars,” who works with and coaches all the actors.

One manager who saw the actors perform, signed 2 clients. 

The online acting class will change your career and life! Guaranteed!

7 Things You Must Do To Ensure A Successful Online Class.

  1. Use your COMPUTER ONLY not a smartphone/iPhone. The picture quality is better on the computer and we will be able to see you more.
  2. Very Important – Setup good lighting in front of you. You are in SHOW-BUSINESS! Make sure we can see you clearly. Please test it prior to the start of the class. Get lights, lamps, or a flashlight, whatever you need to light your face from the front. Don’t sit with a window behind you during the day. It will steal the light from you. Test everything before you go live online. We always have very important industry guests attending who need to be able to see you. No one will care how well you are acting if they can’t really see you. Make a GREAT 1ST IMPRESSION!
  3. Make sure you have good SOUND, that we can hear you and you can hear us. Choose an area that isn’t noisy or distracting. Use HEADPHONES, microphone headsetear pods, a separate MICROPHONE, or computer mic if necessary. The class is a PROFESSIONAL SETTING and an amazing OPPORTUNITY for you – Prepare!
  4. You MUST have your computer on a DESK or TABLE. You must raise your COMPUTER CAMERA EYE LEVEL. Use books or whatever is necessary. Professional people have the camera eye-level. Get ready to work.
  5. Sit close to your COMPUTER. Don’t look down. WE NEED TO SEE YOUR EYES!
  6. Have your NOTEBOOK AND PEN AT THE READY. Place WATER or a refreshment next to you. We have many working artists who are producing upcoming projects. If you appear disorganized, they will not consider using you.
  7. MOST IMPORTANT – Sit UP STRAIGHT, BE HAPPY and BRING LOTS OF ENERGY! Don’t touch your face or look tired. 85% of communication is nonverbal. IF YOU LOOK TIRED – NOBODY WILL WANT TO WORK WITH YOU. When you are online we see every move you make. Please keep your focus and concentration and most importantly, enjoy the process!

To learn more tips like this and to practice them with other actors join our online acting classes.