/ Beyond Success

Whenever artists or business people come to see me, they tell me what their needs are or what they would like to learn. Some are very clear about what they want, others are not. I have realized that, for this learning process to be successful, it can’t be a one-way street. It’s not only what you want from your teacher, but also what your teacher wants from YOU.

I came up with a contract, which states exactly what I need from each student. Finding a great teacher can be difficult, but finding a great student is also difficult.

If you don’t exactly know how be a great “learner” you will not be successful in any class – even if you’re with a brilliant teacher. Sadly, I found that a lot of people are unaware how to really learn, which is why I wrote these specific rules and regulations which if you abide by them, both of us will be successful.

A contract is an agreement between two parties clearly stating what is required.

  1. I must have the courage to find the real “truth” about myself.

(Most people have no idea who they “truly” are. That’s a big problem.)

  1. I understand that to achieve my dreams, I must be willing to feel foolish and be uncomfortable.

(You must leave your comfort zones of limiting ideas, if you want something great to happen)

  1. I know that I will meet people who will not see my gift. 

(Know that you will meet people who will not see what’s special about you. First, you have know what’s special about you!)

  1. I am totally responsible for my career and myself.

(Ask for help. Only you can change anything.)

  1. I will never complain or blame anyone.
    (When you complain or blame anyone, you lose your power.)
  2. I will be open to embrace new information and new possibilities. 

(Live in mystery and be open to what you don’t know.)

  1. I will bring more joy and love to my lessons every day. 

(Without love and joy, your dream or goals will stay an idea.)

  1. I must be optimistic, especially during the tough times. 

(Tough times will come. Successful people are optimistic when others are not.)

  1. I will learn to trust and believe in my talent and my instincts. 

(For your talent to grow, you must feed it. Instincts come from your heart – they’re always right.)

  1. To be successful you have to be willing to be your authentic self.

(You will know when you are authentic, you feel happy and powerful)

 I understand that to achieve any of this, I must first… WAKE UP!!!

Live with Passion and Creativity. Love, Bernard