Now, You Must “WOW” Us To Work in Acting!

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Now, You Must “WOW” Us To Work in Acting!

There’s one thing that’s changed since I started in Showbusiness. 
Now the audiences, agents, producers, casting directors, and the industry in general, are not satisfied with seeing a great or excellent performance. No, now when they meet and see you perform, act, sing, or dance, they want to be WOWED. That is because now we are constantly bombarded and overwhelmed by talent coming in from all over the globe. 

You must bring the WOW FACTOR! There is no other way!

Sometimes they don’t want to use you in their upcoming projects, but you’re so talented they have to use you. For example, the producers had a different vision in mind for a certain part in a movie, but after seeing your work, they changed the gender, ethnicity, and color so you could play that role. You now have to be spectacular to get a job, prepare yourself. 
Wow is an involuntary sound reaction to an experience that is so profound, surprising, emotional, and unforgettable. 
Getting a wow out of people is not very easy. To attaint that you will have to leave your comfort zones and become a world champion artist

12 Things That Wow Us!

1. You are optimistic when 96% of the world isn’t. Your living your possibilities, not your fears.
2. You travel to the best teachers/ mentors/ coaches to train, learn, and transform.
3. You have the courage to be your authentic self. You make your soul visible to the world.
4. You “Love Your Life”. You don’t complain about things you are not willing to change.
5. Your commitment to your dream, craft/ gift /talent is never-ending. You need no motivation to create.
6. You are so truthful and vulnerable in your performance, we no longer see you -the actor.
7. You make an artistic choice that no one else would have made. You laugh where it says cry and you are still when the script says yell. You bring your creativity to your work.
8. Your performances go beyond everyone’s expectations. They are full of nuance, unpredictability, and depth.
9. When you are working with someone, you have researched who they are and acknowledge the artistry of others. 
10. You are grateful and thankful to everyone for helping you grow. You inspire and bring value to all you meet. 
11. You arrive early to appointments and bring passion, love, and humor to whatever you are doing.
12. You listen with your blood and see with your heart!

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