/ Getting Better or Bitter

Before we get to the 6 things you should start doing, let’s name first the important things you should STOP doing.
STOP asking people to give you what you wouldn’t give yourself. You want people to love and believe in you? Well, you must do that first!
STOP wanting people to understand you. Dreams don’t need to be understood by others. The truth needs no defense.
STOP living in the past. When the past calls, don’t answer it’s got nothing new to tell you.
STOP being Negative. Negativity comes from your mind when there has not been enough love in your life.
STOP blaming anyone for anything. Take responsibility for your life!

START falling in love with someone who will never leave you! YOU! There will never be another you!

STARTlaughing a lot. Scientific studies show that laughter improves health and relieves the killer of life stress. Inner joy brings more success and a stronger connection to your gifts.

START dancing. Nothing happens until something moves. It’s impossible to be sad or depressed when you dance. 

START having a child’s mind. This doesn’t mean you’re being childish, but being young in spirit lets you believe that the impossible is possible. The future belongs to the young at heart!
START taking classes of the things you love to develop and express. Only training frees your gifts and talents. Otherwise, it will sleep inside you forever. 
START asking for help. Strong People Always Ask For Help – Weak People Never Do!