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We live in a digitized world, severed from human contact. Every morning people wake up, and the first thing they do is check their phones, not their loved ones. The sad part is, that we know more about our “facebook friends” activities than our real friends and family.

We spend too much time staring at our screens. No wonder we are now more disconnected from ourselves and other people than ever before. We have also lost contact to our feelings, emotions and have forgotten how to converse with others. We rely on texting or technology to communicate to one another. We are losing FACE TIME with the people we love. This is a tragedy. When we lose human touch we become depressed, lonely and fearful. Statistics have shown that people who spend 4 hours or more in front of their screens are overweight, have less meaningful relationships and less sex drive.

In “Reclaiming Conversation”, it concludes that technology has made us less empathetic towards one another. There is so much anger and hate on the net. The world has become a sadder place. Creativity and deep conversations have suffered from this phenomena as well.

It’s easy to get seduced by technology because it makes everything seem simpler. Want to meet new people? Just make an account on a dating site and meet thousands of people with a simple finger swipe.

Social media allows us to control what we share. It appeals to our vulnerability and our vanity. We only show the images we want others to see. Some have cemented the bars to their own technological prison.

There is hope! We must teach others how to reconnect with our humanity. Call someone today, and ask them to meet you and spend some time together. Human contact is what we all crave for. When you meet these people-give them a hug. Science says we need 5 hugs a day. It’s true. Look into someone’s eyes, and tell them how you feel about them. Laugh, go dancing, take a walk together in nature. Re-discover the beauty of having a real connection with another human being. There is nothing like it. Learn to listen more, only through understanding others can you discover your true self.

Make a human effort, and the rewards are plentiful. I have found, that given a chance, you will find something special in everyone you meet. Making the world better should be your mission, and for me, it’s the meaning and purpose of life.

It’s time to stop just living on the screens of social media and start paying attention to the messages that our bodies are trying to tell us. When you hear the whispers of your dreams and desires, follow them, they will lead you to your bliss.

“An artists job is to remind us of our common humanity”

Live with Passion and Creativity.
Love, Bernard 
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