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Love the life you have

It’s true. Until you love the life you have, you will never get the life you really want. Most of the people I work with, always complain about their current circumstances. But remember, lack only gets more lack. Come from abundance and watch your life truly change.

Bring love and understanding to your current problems, situations or relationships and feel that all the things that are happening to you, are really a lesson for growth and personal development. 

A common misconception is:

“If I had another life, things would be perfect.” – Of course, that is not true!

Know that your new life will come with problems and issues as well. Problems are a part of life; we can never escape that.  
If you ever want to lose weight or improve your body, try feeling grateful for the body you have, so you can transform them into a body you could love even more. Bringing hate or anger towards oneself will never transform anything.

Don’t underestimate the power of LOVE.

This may sound like a song title, but it’s so true! Loving yourself more will create miracles in your life! The job you’ve been wanting appears relationships improve or negative ones dissolve. You attract the right people into your life. It’s not selfish to love ourselves, in fact, it allows us to care more about our environment and other people. 
During my time, coaching others, I have found that those who came to me, loving their talent and their potential, discovered more of it in their future. So today, love everything you dislike about yourself. Try it. There is magic in that.
Don’t let anyone limit what you can accomplish. The world is full of people that were underestimated, I was one of them.  Only when you start loving the training, the difficulties, the limitations and yourself – will you become the person you were meant to be!

Remember, be grateful for the life you have, and thankful for the life and problems you DON’T HAVE.