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Your Imperfection Is Perfection!

Perfection is the voice of our oppressor. People who told us as we grew up, that if we were not perfect – we would not be wanted or loved. 

Life brings amazing surprises, once you let go of your need for Perfection. 

Perfectionism lives in a feeling that you are never good enough, and when you live in that fear, you will never make choices that move you forward. You will miss your life! Actually we were never designed to be perfect.

Only through trial and error can you discover your possibilities. 

As an acting coach, I encourage all my artists to show us their imperfection, their humanity on stage, because then, the audience will connect with you. 

To succeed you must explore, try and be willing to be imperfect. When you attempt to do something new, of course you will not be great at. Because that’s not the point, it’s the effort that’s important, not the result.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t strive to be your very best. Of course, you do. But strive for being human, not perfect. 
Trying to be “perfect” always causes frustration, unhappiness, sadness and eventually feeling like a failure. 

You are now adults, and you can choose to let go of the need to perform or behave in a certain way for someone else’s approval. The world becomes a more interesting and fun place when you are free to be YOU. Once you realize this, you can begin to take yourself less seriously and have a lot more joy

“I believe that your imperfections is what makes you perfect.”